Parent & Me Health

Baby & me, prenatal and postnatal

Looking for healthy prenatal or postnatal exercise classes or a class you can take your baby along with you to?

We have a range of prenatal and postnatal classes available for you.

Classes Include:
Tummy Time / The 4th Trimester - 0-6 Months
Prenatal Yoga - Recommended from the 2nd Trimester
Mums & Bubs Yoga - Newborns to Pre-Crawlers
Mums & Movers Yoga - Crawlers & Toddlers Walkers / 1-3 Years
Meditation - Mums & Bubs - Newborns to Pre-Crawlers
Couples Prenatal Yoga for Birth - Weekend Workshop

All our parent and me health classes run on a casual basis.
You must book online to secure your spot.

$25 per class or Buy a TEN PACK for $200 and SAVE!!


$25 per class or Buy a FIVE PACK for $100 and SAVE!!



Tummy Time - 4th Trimester

Babies need Tummy Time, however not all of them love it.

We offer various sensory materials, encouraging our babies to stretch their muscles, move their heads side-to-side and explore fun and engaging tummy time activities. We will talk about positions for holding the baby that also count towards tummy time.

Join us to take the stress out of Tummy Time together. This class will give you some fun techniques to get your on your way.

This class is a safe space to connect and talk with other mums in the 4th Trimester going through similar stages and joys with you. We provide a facilitated space to connect.

This class runs on Thursday’s at 12pm.

Age - 0-6 Months


Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga allows you to enjoy your pregnancy and prepares you mentally & physically for giving birth. Build strength & flexibility while learning techniques for meditation & relaxation in our prenatal yoga classes.

Some of the benefits of prenatal yoga include:
- Promotes relaxation
- Reduces common aches and pains of pregnancy
- Improves strength
- Improves flexibility
- Builds confidence
- Fosters a connection with your growing baby

If you have never done yoga before, it’s recommended that you will join the class once you are in your 2nd trimester.

This weekly class runs on Fridays at 9:30am.

mum & bub meditation.png

Mums and Bubs Meditation

Baby’s are sensitive to energy, emotions & environments. In this class we create a unique and optimal environment to help you relax & calm your energy and emotions (while being free to tend to your baby’s needs when required). Your baby will usually sense this newfound calm from you, and he/she too will relax.

Enjoy this unique Mums & Bubs meditation experience regularly to support happiness, health & bonding for both Mum & Baby.

This weekly drop in class will teach you meditation techniques to use with your baby.

Babies in arms welcome.

Tuesday’s 1:30pm - Bookings Required

Mums and bub yoga

Mums & Bubs Yoga

Newborn / Pre-Crawler Group

Share the joy of yoga with your new baby and support your post birth recovery.

Our Mums and Baby yoga class gives you a dedicated time and space to let your body rediscover its strength and mobility.

Take time to nurture yourself, connect with your body and bond with your bub in a safe place. Connect with other mums to honour your emotions and the beautiful journey of motherhood.

Age - 0 to 6 Months (Pre-Crawling)

This weekly class runs on Fridays at 10:45am.

Mums and Baby Yoga

Mums & Movers Yoga

Crawlers Group & Toddler Group

Exposing children to Yoga practice and Mindfulness is a joy for any parent to experience with their little one.

Move around the mat with your active babies in our crawlers & toddler yoga groups.

Bond with your child in a safe and fun environment where everyone is in the same place. Connect with other mums to honour your emotions and the beautiful journey of motherhood.

This weekly class runs on Thursdays at 9:30am

mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

for Mum

Being a Mum is the greatest blessing & the most exhausting job in the world. So, time for yourself to relax, recharge & reboot becomes absolutely essential.

Join us, for 45 delicious minutes per week to enjoy stillness, regain calm & to de-stress. Your body, mind, spirit & child will thank you.

This session is just for the Mums - Its an hour for you. Timed for after baby's bedtime, join us for this blissful Meditation.

This weekly drop in class is a space just for you to find your bliss and work on the art of letting go.

This series will restart later this year.