R U OK? Why we won't stop helping you find your village.

Hey family

So this week was R U OK day. An important day of checking in with people around us who might be at risk.

I’m a little later talking about this than I would like as I did have a day this week where I wasn’t ok myself.

With only weeks to go in my pregnancy, On Tuesday I was rushed to hospital the night before we moved house this week with blurry vision, confusion, a blinding migraine and vomiting. All is fine now and the baby is fine, but I realised I am only ok because of the amazing team of people I have around me. My husband who rushed me there, my midwife who took everything very seriously from the other side of the world, my mother in law who luckily was staying with us to help with the move, Sally and Jo at the shop to handled everything without me worrying and the various friends and connections who reached out with offers of help. I’m truely blessed with the village I have slowly created for myself over the last year or so since moving back.

So, I have realised I have to slow down and start to relax into these last weeks and not stress myself about every little detail of the business.

What I WON’T stop taking seriously however is the mission / motto / reason for starting this business in the 1st place and that is helping people, in particular new mums, in finding their village. Being a new Mums is rewarding but hard work and is a whole new chapter of life, not just the load of having and caring for the baby, but it can be hard to find people that understand you, your parenting style, your personality and all under duress of sleep deprivation and your own bodily functions getting back to normal.

SO - Whilst I am taking small steps back in order to listen to my own body and baby, I am here and I am listening. I am building an incredible team of people who will be here to also sit and listen and connect you with your village.

Beaches Baby is not just a business or a community resource, but your village, your family and your place to stop in anytime, chat, feed, sit and more.

Let’s all keep asking Mums - Are you OK, and let’s really listen to what is being said. Surviving / getting there / struggling are all key signs that Mum isn’t 100% and think about what we can do to support her.


  1. Find a Village - Us here at Beaches Baby, the park, the community centre, the coffee shop - I picked up someone at the mall once. I just recommend leaving the house, online groups can be good or can be toxic - Meet real people outside.

  2. Breathing and Meditation - Stop, go outside, find some sunlight and take some good soul cleansing belly breaths. Its amazing how good sunlight can be for your soul. Even just have a cup of tea in the sun.

  3. Eat Well - Its so easy to have a muffin but try eat some fruit - we are coming into summer and mangos, berries, peaches all juicy, hydrating and cleansing will help with your mental state.

  4. Exercise - Im guilty for not doing this but there are ton of gyms around with amazing creches, a mental and physical break.

  5. Ask for Help - If you think you need more help, don’t be afraid to see your doctor or your trusted allied health practitioner. There are medicinal and alternative therapies available and there is no shame in seeking out help where it is need.

I look forward to connecting with you at Beaches Baby soon and hope you truely are ok today and every day.

Much love,

Peta and the team, x

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